How to Build a Great Company Culture

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Every company has personality. A company’s personality defines the atmosphere in which employees work and how they interact with colleagues and management. This is known as company culture. Company culture covers not only the work environment but also encompasses things such as the missions, values, ethics and goals of the company.

It is important that every company has a clear company culture as it makes it easier for you to identify employees who would the right fit for your organization. When you hire people who are the right fit, employees are more likely to experience job satisfaction. Employees who are happy at work are more productive and are less likely to leave.

If you are looking to create or redefine your company culture, here’s what you need to do:

Lay a foundation

Before you can start the process of company culture building, you must identify your fundamental business values. You will need to know what you want your organization to be known for and how the company’s interest will align with the individual interests and goals of your employees. If the company leaders do not know what sort of workplace they want, there will be no standard to which you can hold employees accountable.

When identifying your company values use broad statements that are clear, concise and easy to understand. Ideally, you should have no more than five fundamental value statements that will resonate with employees at all levels.

Put the company values into action

After you have identified your core company values, you will need to put them into action. Messages promoting your value statements should be shared in electronic communications with employees. You should also reference these statements regularly in company meetings and leaders by their actions should emulate these values and set an example for how employees should conduct themselves. When recruiting new employees, these values should be used to guide decisions and should be incorporated in interview questions you ask job candidates. Furthermore, company values should influence your organizational structure and should even be seen in the office design you choose.

Assess Regularly

Once you have defined and put your company values into action, you will see your company culture develop. But the process does not end there. Culture building is an activity that requires continuous nurturing. A good way to ensure you maintain a great company culture is by conducting annual or bi-annual surveys that will ensure that the company values continue to align with the actions and interests of your employees.

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