Compensation & Rewards

Compensation & Rewards

On average, compensation makes up 40-70% of operating budgets and is often an organization’s single biggest expenditure.

Is this vast outlay of company dollars being well spent in your organization?

A properly designed system should help attract, motivate and retain employees; promote desired behaviours; be perceived as fair and equitable; and promote an organization’s goals and strategy.

Let us help design a pay system that fits your organization. We can do all of the following:

  • Conduct market research to see how your pay compares with industry standards
  • Perform job evaluation to review the jobs in your organization
  • Create a job classification system
  • Develop pay grades and ranges for a revised or new base pay system
  • Use key performance indicators to develop an incentive pay program
  • Write total compensation policies and procedures
  • Conduct a review of health benefits and perquisites

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