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Based in Vancouver and Toronto, Pivot HR works with an extensive portfolio of clients across all business fields to provide strategic HR Consulting services. Human Resources is a universal department all businesses need to grow, develop and expand successfully.

Standing Out From the Competition

The bustling city of Toronto is Canada’s business and financial capital, where many major Canadian organizations headquarter. Toronto fosters a culture of innovation across all business sectors, from high-power law firms, groundbreaking scientific labs, big-name publishing houses, Michelin Star restaurants and everything in between.

Many enterprising young professionals move to Toronto in search of their big break. Pivot HR’s Hiring & Talent Acquisition specialists can handle the long process of scouring resumes, conducting initial interviews, and narrowing down the best candidates for the job.

Is your employee engagement down and you’re considering a policy overhaul? Looking to attract and retain top-tier talent? Thinking about bringing in Diversity and Inclusion (DEI) training? If any of the above jumped out at you, it’s likely time to consider outsourcing to an HR Consulting firm

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We can help!

Our diverse HR Services include:

  • Talent Sourcing, Hiring & Retention
  • Corporate Training & Leadership Development
  • Advisory Services
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Coaching Services
  • Anti Bullying & Harassment
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Compensation & Rewards

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Why work with Pivot HR?

Hiring a consulting agency like Pivot HR is a valuable investment that helps Toronto businesses stand out from the crowd and reel in top-tier talent. Our team consists of highly experienced HR specialists who are well-versed across all aspects of Human Resources.

Outsourcing to an HR Consultant can be majorly beneficial, as we provide unbiased perspectives on the business’s current issues at hand. For example, when Pivot HR performs internal workplace investigations, we are a neutral party looking for the facts. The investigations we conduct are thorough, confidential and impartial.

We also provide Corporate Training and Professional Development sessions for leaders looking to strengthen their teams and leadership skills.

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Pivot HR is proud to be an HR Consulting agency Toronto businesses can trust. You want what is best for your company, and we want to help you achieve those goals.

Pivot HR is here to help Toronto business leaders and entrepreneurs make their companies the best they can be. Our consulting services help businesses better enhance employee engagement, well-being, and satisfaction, creating a healthy workplace where everyone can thrive!



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