Strategic Career Development: Unveiling the Powerful Benefits of Executive Coaching

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Do you feel like you have reached a professional plateau? Have you been struggling to reignite the passion you previously had for your career? Maybe you are in line for a big promotion and want to fill the gaps in your skillset, or perhaps you are aware of your professional shortcomings and want to improve.

Whatever the reason, thousands of professionals across the globe are utilizing professional executive coaching services to propel themselves onto the next step of their careers. Pivot HR offers professional executive coaching services to organizations and individuals across Canada looking to unleash their hidden professional potential and get a leg up in their careers.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of executive coaching with Pivot HR.

Measurable Benefits of Executive Coaching

  • Measurable performance improvements
  • Increased self-awareness & emotional intelligence
  • Improved communication & conflict resolution skills
  • Career Satisfaction & Advancement
  • Improved Work/Life Balance
  • Development of short and long-term SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound)

Tools Used in Executive Coaching Sessions:

  • Dialogue-focused and client-driven approach
  • Improvement-focused action plans
  • 360 performance feedback
  • Use of assessments to highlight gaps in professional development (personality, strength, leadership style, etc.)

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Executive Coaching Unlocks Your Hidden Potential

Pivot HR’s skilled coaches use the Co-Active Model, an internationally renowned, scientifically-supported coaching system that emphasizes a holistic approach to professional and personal self-development.

Pivot’s Co-Active approach is a supportive, immersive, experiential-based development plan that encourages creative problem-solving, transparent communication, and collaboration.

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Who uses Executive Coaching?

We provide professional executive coaching services for businesses in the public and private sectors and work with talented professionals at all levels. Whether in a mid-level management position looking to make your way into the C-Suite or a new supervisor developing their skills, Pivot HR’s coaches will help you reach your professional goals.

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Even the Greatest Athlete Still Needs a Coach

To develop professionally, you must also develop personally. Our goal at Pivot HR is to provide our clients with the skillset and confidence to take leaders to the next level. We will work collaboratively over a few months to identify the existing gaps and potential growth opportunities.

The greatest athletes still require a coach to catch bad habits, hold them accountable, cheer them on, and guide them on their path to greatness. Our executive coaching services provide future leaders with the necessary tools to achieve personal and professional success.

Start your coaching journey with Pivot HR today!

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