Hiring in Vancouver: How Pivot HR Cracked the Code

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Hiring is a long, arduous process that takes a lot of time, money and resources to find the ideal candidate. Businesses across the board have been struggling with hiring and retention in the wake of the Great Resignation of 2021.

Pivot HR’s team of highly experienced HR professionals will assist your business in finding the right person for the job by working closely with your hiring manager to determine the ideal compensation, salary and benefits package to reel in the perfect candidate.

The Vancouver job market is filled with exceptional talent looking for their next big break. Are you a business in Vancouver looking for an HR consultant to conduct hiring interviews, source the best candidates, negotiate contracts, and more? Keep reading to learn about Pivot HR’s Talent Sourcing, Hiring and Retention services.

What’s Changed?

Employers are being held to a different, higher standard in this post-pandemic world– and rightfully so. The pandemic was an eye-opening experience worldwide that permanently altered the expectations of employer/employee relationships.

The days of undeserved corporate loyalty are long gone. Employees across the board have reprioritized their lives, including being paid a living wage and having a reasonable work-life balance. Workers want to be employed by a company where they feel respected, appreciated, and heard.

What to Expect

Pivot HR walks through the whole process with you from beginning to end. Your Pivot HR consultant will first conduct a needs assessment to determine your staffing needs.

What role is being filled? Who is your ideal candidate? What experience are you looking for? What personality traits will fit the company culture?

Once we’ve established a baseline, the consultant will write the job description, post ads in relevant venues, and launch social media campaigns for increased online visibility. Pivot HR’s unique recruiter platforms allow us streamlined access to qualified candidates who fit the bill.

Narrowing the Search

Resumes are collected and filtered through Pivot HR’s online resume submission system, where our consultants will screen the resumes. Our expertise makes resume screening a breeze: we know the keywords, essential qualities, education, and soft skills needed to fit your ideal candidate.

Upon reviewing the resumes, preliminary phone screening interviews are conducted, and this is where the selection starts to narrow down. The basic screening is where our consultants get a basic understanding of the potential candidates, searching for their proficiencies and whether they fit the company’s culture. We typically end up with a shortlist of 5-10 candidates, which we present to the hiring team.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Before the interview process begins, your consultant will create a thorough guide and other assessment tools for the best interview results. Our consultants are prepared to navigate the interview process on your behalf at our offices, or to conduct the interview alongside the hiring manager at your offices.

We’ll even handle the nitty-gritty details, like following up with reference checks and running a background check. When the perfect candidate has been selected, your Pivot HR consultant will assist with contract negotiations for the terms and conditions of employment and draft the employment contract itself.

From beginning to end, Pivot HR has you covered.

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