Supporting Entry-Level Management: Why Training Your Leadership Team Matters

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Does your company or organization set your leadership up for success? Whether you promote from within or hire externally, investing in your entry, mid, and executive leadership team members is an essential part of cultivating a healthy and effective culture that drives everyone forward. At Pivot HR, we know firsthand that leadership comes in many forms and that managers of all levels have many different perspectives and personalities when it comes to leading their teams.

Diversity and unique experiences are two of the most valuable assets you can have among your leaders, especially if you equip your high-level team members with the skills to channel that into training newer employees and fostering a positive, productive environment. Pivot HR’s executive leadership training and coaching services are designed to empower managers of all levels to excel, learn new skills, and grow within their roles with confidence. Below, we’ll talk about why the continuous training of your leadership team matters, as well as how to get started. Read on to learn more!

Why Leadership Training Matters

Learning doesn’t stop once someone reaches a place of influence; in fact, that’s arguably when some of the most valuable lessons are learned! The truth is, while the old adage may be that “great leaders are born, not made”, true leadership does require training and refinement to reach its full potential. When you invest in your entry-level managers and give them the tools they need to succeed, you invest in your future success as they turn around and impart their newfound skills and wisdom to other employees who can, in turn, continue the cycle and do the same. Expecting someone to know how to lead, much less to know how to carry out your vision while doing so, without the proper support is a recipe for disaster and high attrition rates in the long run.

Start Training Early

When it comes to growing leaders from within, the best approach is to be proactive and start their advancement journey early on. Oftentimes, you’ll be able to quickly identify staff and team members that have strong leadership qualities, but in order to make sure they’ll be able to be as effective as possible in a position of authority, you need to start them on the path to developing skills they may not have or need to refine. Encouraging peer-to-peer leadership and granting hands-on training through workshops and coaching is a great way to help potential future managers and executives stay focused and motivated to perform at their best as they continue to grow. As an added advantage, training senior employees that are headed on a management trajectory also serves as encouragement to their peers that you do reward strong performance and commitment to company culture.

Provide Opportunities to Develop

Leadership takes practice, and in order to equip your entry-level managers to succeed, you need to give them opportunities to learn as they go. Imparting additional duties that fall within their current scope of work, as well as relinquishing certain team management duties (i.e. delegating certain tasks on a project, reviewing meeting minutes, etc) can be a great way to provide a fresh perspective and allow your team to put their newfound skills to the test in a safe, familiar environment before feeling overwhelmed by being handed the reins completely.

Establish and Encourage Clear Communication

One of the biggest hallmarks of effective leadership at any level is communication. Regardless of whether they’re entry-level management or your A-suite board members, objective, respectful, and efficient communication between team members should always be a top priority. Coaching and training can help your team refine their communication skills, particularly when it comes to conflict management, offering positive criticism, and more.

Empower Your Leadership With Pivot HR

Leadership is an incredible journey of growth and development, as well as a learning process that never ends. With the help of a trained team of HR professionals like the team at Pivot HR, ensuring everyone is on the same page and set up for success can be easy. With custom workshops, dedicated coaching programs and more, we’re here to help your leadership reach their full potential and excel! Learn more by contacting us today!

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